Our Chocolate

We painstakingly and lovingly select nothing but the best quality, raw, organic, fair trade ingredients that nature has to offer. 


We ensure that our suppliers adhere to our exacting standards in the growing and preparation of our ingredients. Everything must be grown and certified to organic standards and prepared at a temperature no higher than 42 degrees – remaining raw to guarantee the preservation of the highest possible nutritional content. 


We have them brought to our kitchen door in small batches where they are magically transformed from mere organic ingredients into raw gourmet chocolates and treats ready to delight your senses and nourish you from the inside out.


Sarah splits the vanilla pods with a sharp knife and carefully scrapes out the seeds which are rich in aroma and full of the characteristic vanilla flavor that Sarah uses to balance the cacao’s natural bitterness. The seeds are set aside ready to be added later.


She then carefully melts her cacao butter never going above 42 degrees before lovingly stirring in generous scoopfuls of raw cacao powder. 


At the optimum moment Sarah adds a minimal serving of Mexican blue dark agave or Indonesian coconut blossum nectar before finally adding an extremely generous serving of ‘freshly scraped vanilla pods’- the ones she prepared earlier.


While Sarah’s cacao butter slowly softened over hot water, she prepared a unique and eclectic range of delicious and nutritious organic goodies  - raspberries, hand-made caramalised ginger, davidson plum, pistachios, almonds and organic therapeutic grade essential oil of sweet orange are just a handful.


The rich, smooth, velvety, chocolate mixture is then poured over the specially prepared ingredients and set in the refrigerator. 


When set, the delicious, organic, raw, vegan Puremelt Chocolate is then hand wrapped with great care and love  - ready to make its way to you.