We painstakingly and lovingly select nothing but the best quality, raw, organic, fair trade ingredients that nature has to offer. 


Cacao butter grown and processed raw in Bali is blended with raw cacao powder harvested from premium Criollo Cacao Beans grown in the Mayan region of southeast Mexico. Sarah then adds a minimal serve of Blue Dark Agave from Mexico and a loving spoonful of freshly scraped Tahitian Vanilla Pods. The result is a delicious, rich, smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate that is 85% cacao, unusually satisfying and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. Add a splash of exotic fruit, nuts, spices and therapeutic grade essential oils and you can quickly understand why Puremelt Chocolate is beginning to win accolades and awards as an innovative, gourmet, organic, gluten free, chocolatier.