Puremelt Chocolate

Puremelt Chocolate

Puremelt chocolate is handmade from raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, raw dark agave syrup and vanilla pods. It’s organic, gluten free, dairy free, cane sugar free, low GI, vegan, and yet… luxuriosly delicious.

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

Puremelt would be classed as dark chocolate but for those of your who think you don’t like dark chocolate, I’m here to prove you wrong. I have spent years carefully balancing the simple raw ingredients to perfect a wonderfully rich flavour. It’s not too sweet, not too bitter. Simple, smooth… look just try it!

 Flavours? We’ve got Coffee & Mint available
Chocolate in three flavours



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 Launched today  Huge melt last week in readiness for #mindbodyspiritexpo in#Sydney and #Melbourne with two exciting new #puremeltchocolatebyronbay product launches , any guesses?  Look what we did with all that #ginger ... Enough caremelized ginger to make 1000 chocolates #Davidson plum and #pineapple  Fresh ginger from the garden just picked for a big melt this week and market chai ☕️ picked and cut by @romypiesse
 Yay! We did it ! Our first batch of #saltypraline in a jar #labels going on tomorrow , watch this space.....  Look at that beautiful block of #praline that is made from #puremeltchocolate #hazelnuts #cacaopowder #butter #coconut sugar #himalayansalt and nothing else but #love .... Soon to be in jars and for now in our #salty praline chocolates  Wonderful day of prep for this weeks melt and here is the salty #praline mmmmm!  Don't forget to come by for #mothersday gifts tomorrow @mullumfarmersmkt and Sunday at #channonmarkets