Puremelt Chocolate Byron Bay

Puremelt Chocolate Byron Bay – Home of Sarah Wheeler’s award winning chocolate & brownies - organic fudge, drinking chocolate, cacao elixirs, florentines and more. Certified organic ingredients, ethically sourced, lovingly crafted by hand into delicious, raw, organic, vegan, gluten free & cane sugar free chocolate. Visit the Puremelt Chocolate Lounge in Mullumbimby. 

All-ORGANIC Puremelt Chocolate Lounge

Sarah spent years travelling to farmer's markets, gourmet food shows and health festivals up and down the East Coast of Australia, putting products in the mouths of tens of thousands of willing ‘tasters’ - doing the best possible real market research before recently opening her all-organic Puremelt Chocolate Lounge. 


Hidden in the Byron Shire hinterland, is Mullumbimby, affectionately known as ‘the biggest little town in Australia’  and right in the heart of town is her chocolate lounge and the place where all the magic happens. 


“It's a dream come true” says mother of three and puremelt chocolate founder Sarah Wheeler. 


Mullumbimby Lounge    

Organic Chocolates

We painstakingly and lovingly select nothing but the best quality, raw, organic, fair trade ingredients that nature has to offer. ( Read more )


When you think of fudge what do you think of? Are you remembering something your grandmother used to make. Puremelt Organic Fudge is based on an old recipe passed on through the generations, with one small but not insignificant difference. (Read more)

organic Brownies

There’s a reason Puremelt Chocolate’s gluten-free brownies taste so good and it’s not just the generous helping of actual Puremelt Chocolate that goes into them. It’s probably not the organic dairy butter either although it surely does assist.   (Read more)


The most important ingredient that Sarah adds to all of her work is very special indeed - 100% pure love. She pours it in by the bucket load to make sure that you can taste it in every bite. Delicious treats that are packed full of goodness is what you can expect every-time you pick up something made by Sarah and her small team at Puremelt Chocolate Byron Bay.
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When Sarah Wheeler first created her own delicious , raw, organic, cane sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and low GI chocolate it was because a professor of nutritional medicine told her to eat 50g of 85% dark cacao daily as a medicine to assist in curing a number of health issues that were tiring Sarah out as a mature mum. Sarah tried very hard to follow the doctor’s orders but try as she might, she just could not find a chocolate good enough to eat every single day.
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Sarah and her small dedicated team have been recognized and awarded for some of the amazing work they do. In 2014 at the Sample Food festival in Bangalow, Puremelt walked off with the Golden Fork for the $10 taste plate which included a gluten free brownie and 2 chocolates. In 2015 Puremelt brownies took home a Bronze Medal from the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.